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Casino Myths

Gambling Online Myths BustedUS players are bound to come across casino myths before even placing bets. There are millions of people taking part in online gambling in the United States; however, with that said there are still people who are skeptical about online gambling. It is very natural for people to feel that way about gambling online. Gambling has been around for decades and a number of negative connotations still continue to rise every day. Gambling is a fun pastime that has seen several Americans make lifechanging amounts of money. Regular gamblers can easily pick out the bogus casino myths from miles away. However, new players will simply find the myths slightly weird.

Casino players that are avoiding playing online because of what they might have read about these casinos, is here to set the record straight for you. The last thing players should be doing is buying into casino myths that simply don’t make sense. We are putting the fun back into gambling by debunking a few myths that casinos online want you to know just aren’t true.

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Top 5 Casino Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Online Casinos Don’t Payout

This is one of the main reasons why brick and mortar gamblers avoid making transitions to online gambling. However, it is also one of the harmful fallacies of casinos online. Rogue online gambling sites do exist. However, if you do proper research about a site, you will be able to make sure that you aren’t playing at a rogue and unreliable site. You will be able to play at safe and secure online gambling sites that payout.

Here are some red flags to watch out for when you choose an online gaming site:

  • Requests for personal data
  • No options for secure payment options such as PayPal
  • About Us page, licensing logo or information not visible on the site.
  • Hardly any reviews or bad reviews
  • No contact information provided or physical address

Myth #2: You Must Be A Big Spender

The best thing about gambling online is that you are able to choose what kind of game you would like to play. Even though some of the casino games are made for high rollers, however, there is a great number of games that players can place small bets on. There are also free gambling games that players can check out to enhance their skills or to have fun. This big spending myth is completely bogus as players can make bets that are less than $1 and still win big.

Myth #3: Online Casinos Cannot Be Trusted

Unfortunately, when using the Internet to do anything, you’re vulnerable to being attacked by those that want to steal your data and money. The upside of gaming at a casino that is licensed and regulated is that you can rest assured that you’re safe. Casino websites work hard to create safe gambling environments for players using the best security software. Plus, if your selected casino has the eCOGRA stamp of endorsement, you can gamble in peace.

Myth #4: Casinos Online Are A Lonely Way to Wager

You don’t need to sit behind your PC screen or even play on your mobile device without networking any longer. Online gambling games like live casino games allow you to gamble with other gamblers from across the world and also, you’ll interact with a live casino dealer. There are also highly trained agents that are always available to help you get by.

Myth #5: You Don’t Really Win – Casinos Online Are Rigged

The last of our casino myths debunks the myth that casino games are rigged. While some games might get you a bit frustrated due to the lack of winning, that has nothing to do with the casino game being rigged. Almost all casino games are based on pure luck and skill. A Random Number Generator (RNG), ensures that the outcome of casino games is impartial and totally random.

Casino Myths Conclusion

There are my casino myths and misconceptions about gambling whether it is online or off. Your best bet is to ignore misinformation and have a rational approach to gambling. We have only listed the top five casino myths but it does not mean these are the only ones that are out there. If you are serious about your gambling career, do your research thoroughly to be properly informed.

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