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Gambling terms no longer have to be complicated. In this guide, we’ll give you the full list of gambling-specific definitions for American wagering. From casino games to sports betting, we have defined every piece of jargon found at sites across the web. So, you don’t have to wonder what it means when someone tells you to fold in poker or bet on a trifecta at the race track. And, we’ll be able to give you the full explanation of even the most nonsensical slang.

Before we go any further, we have to note that we update these lists often. Gambling evolves daily, and new bets are made every minute. It only makes sense that gambling terms and definitions also evolve. So, keep visiting our gambling glossary to get the latest casino gambling terms as well as sports betting terms explained for all your new gamble ventures. At BestUSACasinoSites, we’ll always strive to give American players and sports bettors everything they need to get the most out of their cash.

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