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Gambling Superstitions in Casinos USA

USA Gambling Superstions
When US players enter the casino, they always incorporate strange gambling superstitions when they play the games in order to win. Some people wear the same specific clothes from their lucky gambling days while others use lucky charms. These objects and superstitions give players confidence to play casino games and bet for high stakes because they believe that they can win. Cross your fingers on the next dice roll and let your wishful thinking bring the cash home.

We’ve compiled a list of crazy gambling superstitions in America that players come across when they play casino games. For all of the times you wondered why am I so unlucky in gambling, you need to try something new. There are a lot of players that have opted for different approaches to improve gambling luck Feng Shui. There are loads of Chinese gambling superstitions and taboos that have helped players win every time. Find a list of top US online casinos to discover good luck to bring to casino online.

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Crazy Gambling Superstitions USA

There’s a large number of people that believe in items for good luck for casinos. The growing trend is supported by the number of bad luck gambling stories that players experience when gambling. It is important to understand that when you gamble, it requires players to be in a good state of mind. The gambling psychology aspect of playing casino games helps gamblers keep betting even when they are not winning. Here are some of the tricks on how to beat a bad luck streak:

Lucky Charms: should you have any object that is of significance to you and you believe that it brings you good fortune when you gamble, it should be close when you play. This symbolism is different for each player. Some players attribute their luck in gambling astrology and different good luck to bring to casino. You can use a family heirloom that gives you the courage to play high roller bets and win big. Use lucky charms to bring money on your next visit to a casino.

Lucky Rituals: there are certain routines that players perform to bring them luck when they gamble. When a player is about to roll the dice, the common gambling superstition is to blow them before you roll them. These superstitions are different from player to player, with the repetition of a certain act performed to improve gambling luck. Rub lucky oil for gambling and win massive cash prizes.

Gambling Superstitions in Casinos USA

Chinese Gambling Superstitions

The Asian community has always had an affinity for mystic powers and the supernatural. Colours have a different meaning to Chinese players and it can be the difference between winning and losing. This is because Chinese gambling superstitions take on a different layer and the symbolism of every action can be interpreted to mean something. Some of the top superstitions when gambling are performed differently or men and women.

For Men– it is commonly recommended that male gamblers be accompanied by a partner to the casino. There is also a weird gambling superstition that reckons that having sex before going to the casino brings bad luck.
For Women – Chinese superstition believe that there’s a good omen about a lady that gambles during her menstrual cycle, which brings luck. There really isn’t any statistics to substantiate any of the superstitions mentioned. However, it has worked for some players in the past so why not try it for yourself!

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