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Cheating a Casino in America

Cheating a Casino in AmericaIt goes without saying that cheating a casino is wrong and it is a behaviour that ought to be discouraged. After all, it is considered a crime in the USA. Nevertheless, there are still more and more online players than try their luck with casino cheating devices hoping to win every time. Historically, casino cheaters have gotten away with misleading brick-and-mortar casinos by either working with dealers or using gadgets to determine the outcome. The biggest casino cheaters list includes players that used simple math to count cards to win.

While these techniques may have worked at land-based casinos in the past, it is way more difficult to get away with cheating a casino online. There are several players that have tried and failed because web-based games use a random number generator to determine the result. Find out what happens if you get caught cheating in a casino in our guide. We will also check out some of the tricks that players have used in the past illegally at a casino.

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How Gamblers Cheat a Casino

There is a love and hate relationship between players and casino establishments. While gamblers enjoy the entertainment of playing their favourite games, they resent the feeling of losing their hard-earned money. Thus, players try to create techniques to cheat the casino and guarantee that they win all the time. Here’s a list of the most popular ways that players got away with cheating in casinos in the past:

Casino Cheating Slot Machines

Generally, slot machines have always been the easiest loot for criminals to crack. This is because there is generally less security that surrounds players while they enjoy slot games. In the past, players would insert fake money in the machine and redeem real money. The gaming industry would lose billions of dollars to players that played slot games that insert coins. They would poke a hole on a coin and use a string in order to insert it inside the machine and pull it out. The credit will reflect on the machine as though more money is in the machine that there actually is.

Cheating slot machines had gone on to become more sophisticated, with some players creating cheat codes for slot machines. The online gaming network was hit hard in the earlier years, and players found a way to beat the system. The cheat codes involved beating the algorithms that generate the results and win every time. Find out more about cheating slots from our guide.

Cheating a Casino Card Game

The most popular form of cheating in a casino involves having a quid pro quo arrangement with a dealer. Players that have gotten away with cheating a casino have often worked with an inside person to tell them what to expect. Because the casino dealer is privy to how to beat the house edge, they would share the information with their accomplices.

Casino Cheaters in the USA

Another method that is very popular was counting cards. Players would use statistics as their tactic to count there a number of cards that are already played in a standard 52 deck. Because this method is not easily discernible, it is argued that there are still players that do that today. A way to counteract this strategy was to introduce an automatic shuffling machine and use more than one deck.

What Happens If You Get Caught Cheating in A Casino?

It is inevitable that when you cheat a casino, you will get caught at some point in time. The possibility of the penalties exercised will vary from state to state. It also depends on the crime committed and the complexity of it all. For instance, counting cards is generally considered a minor offence and technically not illegal. However, it is still viewed as an unscrupulous act and players may get blacklisted from the casino.

Biggest Casino Cheaters List

Here’s a list of the most famous casino cheats in America:

  1. Tommy Glenn Carmichael – known throughout the Las Vegas Strip for his signature trade of scamming slot machines. His streak began in the 1960 and would last four approximately four decades. He was arrested on a couple of occasions, and upon gaining freedom, would return to develop better ways of scamming the casino.
  2. Richard Marcus – his notoriety was boosted by the fact that he had worked as a casino dealer before. This information would later come in handy when he decided to scam the dealer. He understood the rules of the table and would conceal the value of his chips when he staked on card games. Fanning oblivion and drunkenness, he would place a bet for $500 below a $5 chip and upon winning, inform the dealer.
  3. Dominic LoRiggio – he’s specialty was the blackjack and craps table. On the craps table, LoRiggio was able to master a technique of throwing the dice roll in a manner that would allow him to determine the result of the roll. While he was never charged for the act, it broke the unwritten rule of allowing the game of chance to occur without being manipulated.

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