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Rigged Online Poker Sites USA

Rigged Online Poker USA

Rigged online poker sites is the last thing casinos want regular online players to wonder about where their site is concerned. Is playing poker online fair? What are bad beats? The cards fixed? Are your personal details protected? These are the questions that will show up frequently when US Players search for fair poker online. Playing online poker is a popular alternative to taking part in a game of poker at a brick and mortar casino. Not all players want to leave their house to take part in a game of poker, but how safe are online poker rooms?

Regardless of if you are playing poker for free fun or are a serious player you want to be assured that the game is fair and the poker room is a fair-dealing site. We have put together a handbook that looks at the factors that cause players to question if the online poker site could possibly be rigged, why and how. To ensure that you do not end up playing poker in unlawful poker rooms, we have also included a list of top online casinos in the US that offer fair poker.

Fair Online Casinos in the USA 2019

Is Online Poker Rigged? To be truthful, the answer is no. Legitimate online poker rooms should be regulated and use state-of-the-art random number generators to ensure that their poker tables are secure, fair and safe. If that is the case, why do players suffer more bad beats playing online poker? For starters playing poker on the internet lets players play as many hands as they would like, and this will, therefore, experience more bad beats. Unless you are an RNG whisper, No one wins poker every time they play, and in fact, luck is an enormous short-term factor.

Card Fixing in Poker Rooms

You may have come across the term action hands is poker rooms, which is supposed to increase action. How? Well, the myth insinuates that poker sites rig games to intentionally set up strong hands for a couple of players. Some player goes as far as saying that casinos code software to deal with individual players terrible cards. Speaking about software codes, every poker room has an algorithm in place what links specific numbers to particular cards. Each time the RNG issues a number, it is fed through the algorithm, and that number will match with a particular card. Imagine adding another piece of code to fix cards? It is possible. However, it is unrealistic and not practical. 

Poker Site Security

Poker rooms have rather complicated security measures in place to protect US players. Most software’s use RSA keys (cryptosystems) to secure data transmissions. The key encryption technology ensures that data is transferred safely online. Players will be happy to know that a firewall will protect payment details imputed on secure servers. RSA keys tick all the boxes, confidentiality, authenticity and integrity. Rigged online poker sites do not have such security measure set as they are more focused on shady dealing rather than keep your information safe.

Poker Licencing

Casino sites should be licensed by at least one primary gambling jurisdiction. USA federal laws are dependent on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Online gambling is not favoured in al US states, and this gets in between players and playing at poker tables. To avoid violating local gambling laws casinos need to be in possession of a licence to ensure legal business proceeding. American player should also look for eCOGRA endorsed casinos. eCOGRA is short for e-Commerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. It is a private institution that runs audits on casino sites. They ensure that players protected, fair payments are made, fair play and casinos offer a safe online gambling environment for all players.

Losing sleep over rigged online poker sites or rigged poker games is not something US players have to worry about. Things of concern should include making bankroll investments with much larger amounts of money at unregulated poker rooms. Rule of thumb, poker sites will have the logo of the jurisdiction that issues the licence on the site. If the poker room doesn’t offer you an unforgettable experience, don’t spend your you cash there. There are lots of scams on the internet and players have to vigilant. Poker rooms should be REAL: Reputable, eCOGRA, Authenticated and Licenced.

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