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What is a Roulette Computer and How Does it Work?

roulette computersWhat is a roulette computer and how is it different from a normal computer we all use today? Well, roulette computers are hidden electronic devices that are built into electronic devices like cell phones. Its primary function is to predict which number the ball will land on once projected onto the roulette table. They do this by calculating the speed and deceleration rate of the ball and the roulette wheel. To calculate the speed, players simply click a button every time the ball and zero pocket pass a certain point on the wheel. Players can decide what that reference point is, but it’s usually at a specific area on the wheel. This area is known as the metal ball deflector or the ‘dominant diamond’ area.

For example, to measure the roulette wheel speed, a player would click the button at that specific point on the wheel after every full circulation. Based on the data recorded from those circulations, the roulette computer would then give a reading of 4 seconds per circulation for example. The same experiment is conducted to capture the speed of the ball. The experiments of the ball and wheel can be done a few times to ensure fair and accurate results. The roulette computer will then analyze the results and provide a prediction. The information is then forwarded to the player at the roulette table using a hidden wireless earpiece.

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Elements Needed for a Successful Roulette Computer Session

  1. Dominant Diamonds. As mentioned previously, it’s assumed that balls favour certain areas on the wheel more than others, this is called a ‘dominant diamond’. It’s found that regardless of the velocity at which the ball travels, it is always more likely to land in the dominant diamond. These areas are created by imperfections in the ball track, and cannot be prevented.
  2. Predictable Ball Bounce. The roulette computer system believes that the bounce of the ball isn’t entirely random. Having identified the dominant diamond, and taking note of where the ball first hits the wheel, gamblers are given a better sense of where the ball may rest.
  3. We’ve mentioned above that the roulette computer needs a speed value to provide a prediction. This takes a standard roulette computer about 10 seconds on average. This information is sent to the player, who places a single bet.

Are Roulette Computers Still Effective?

One of the most common concerns or questions about the roulette computer is whether or not it’s still an effective roulette strategy to win. Roulette computers have been used by gamblers since the 1960s and many have claimed to bag roulette winnings with the help of such technology. However, roulette wheels and tables have changed since then and beating a modern wheel has become more complex. There are still various roulette predictor devices on the market that claim to be effective with beating roulette odds. However, not all of them work and many people have fallen victim to such scams. Perhaps the more relevant question is ‘if they work, why sell them?’.

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