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Best Roulette Software

Roulette software programs are commonly used by players who wish to find loopholes and other ways to beat roulette. These programs run during a game of online roulette, guiding players on how to bet, sometimes without the player being aware.

The type of roulette software used by an online roulette casino can also suggest the layout or manner in which the game will appear on the site. It also depicts the level of interactivity visitors to the page will have with the casino. Various types of software exist, designed by various roulette software companies, and each software manufacturer will have its own design, features, rules and variations.

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Best Roulette Software

Microgaming, a big name in casino game design, offers gambling websites a long list of instant play, as well as downloadable games. It also offers casinos Standard and Gold versions of their games. Naturally, the Gold software features enhanced colours and graphics to luxuriate the players overall experience.

In this instance, playing Gold Roulette using the Microgaming software will offer players a more realistic view of the game, as you would in a land-based casino. The Standard version of this software offers players a bird’s eye view. Gamblers who play at casinos who use this software also have a large variety of games at their disposal, including roulette.

We continue our focus on Microgaming roulette by looking at the different versions of the game offered by this roulette software provider, next.

Special Features by Microgaming Roulette Software

Traditional Versions of Microgaming Online Roulette Software

The traditional versions of microgaming roulette offered include European, French and American style games. The standard rules and features of each variation apply when gamblers play using this software.

Multi-wheel Online Roulette Software

Microgaming offers multi-wheel roulette players 8 wheels to run at once. This appeals especially to gamblers to would like to place several bets at the same time. The game is played using the Gold Microgaming software which, as mentioned above, offers users enhanced colour and graphic effects, as well as other customizable features.

Roulette Royale Online Roulette Software

Microgaming’s version of Roulette Royale gives gamers the option of earning either a portion or the entire progressive jackpot. It also offers gamblers bonus pay-outs if a winning number pulls repeatedly, regardless of whether the player placed a bet on that number or not. For example, if the number 15 pulls twice, player X will receive his or her wager back at double the going rate.

Roulette Software

Quick Roulette Software Lesson

Playing roulette online was at some point a new development in the gambling industry. When this gambling platform became popular, people started looking for ways to gain a better advantage. At first, people only had books on roulette for reference, but this contained little information about how to beat online roulette. Online scammers took note of this gap in the market and created software programs which they claimed was the best way to beat online roulette.

The first of such programs were Roulette Killer and Roulette Sniper in 2007. With these programs players would type the results of each spin into a designated box in the software. The roulette software would then tell the play where to bet and this was based purely on fallacy, not the ability to truly predict the outcome of the virtual wheel.

Fast forward to 2009 with the launch of automated bots.  These automated roulette bots could place bets and spin the roulette wheel in autopilot mode. The bots usually placed bets on numbers that haven’t hit recently, and also followed aspects of the Martingale progression strategy.

Roulette Software Overview

Reality is, none of these roulette software programs are proven to be legit or even effective. Roulette hopefuls buy these software programs under the illusion that it will help them manipulate the online casino roulette software. Fact is, it doesn’t. At best, these programs can be used as testing tools, but hardly anything more.

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