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House Edge on Different Casino Games

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House edge is the easiest way to find out which casino game has the best odds. It is the pre-set advantage the casino has in different casino games. Casino house edge can also be described as a casino’s way to ensure they make a profit off their online gambling business.

Casino house advantage is often presented as a percentage. Each casino game has varying house edge and each casino online has unique edge for each game. Casino sites are required legally to reveal the edge of each of their games. Using this information, USA players can choose what games they want to play. Within those games different bets have varying house edge.

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Below is a list of online gambling sites with fair some of the lowest house edge games for US players.

US Casino House Edge Page Links

US Casino House Edge Page Links

Casino House Edge Explained

As we have previously mentioned, house edge is predetermined. Therefore, each game already has a set probability of winning or losing. When you play at a regulated casino, you can be sure that the casino house advantage that is declared on the casino will not be changed to cheat players. Casino house edge is what the casino is guaranteed to make in profit off each bet regardless of whether players win or lose.

Say you place a bet on a roulette game and bet a dollar. If you win and get paid back another dollar there is no house edge on that game. However, should you win and get paid back 95c then the casino house advantage is 5%. 95c is the return the player gets; this is known an as RTP (Return to Player) and is also often represented as a percentage.

Casino Games with Lowest House Edge

Different casino games have varying house edge percentages. Some are higher than others. However, that is not to say you should only play lowest house edge casino games. Often casino games with highest house edge have high payouts when you do win. Even when you play the best house edge casino games, the variety of bets have a different house edge.

List of Casino Games by House Edge

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