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The James Bond Strategy in Roulette

March 1, 2014
Roulette James Bond Strategy

In some movies, casinos are featured. The characters in the movie are shown to be wagering and betting on particular numbers and columns, rows and colors with the hopes of winning and winning big. Casino players are continually searching for tips and tricks to capitalize on the winning possibilities, not only in movies, but in real life. One particular strategy that is useful is the James Bond strategy. Yes, that's right there is a James Bond strategy. Casino players looking to win and win big can now apply a strategy named after agent 007 with the hope of coming away from the game of chance with a huge jackpot.

The James Bond strategy is referred to as a relatively easy betting system. The casino player needs $200 at the onset. Essentially, the casino player begins by betting $140 on only the higher numbers (i.e. 19 through 36), and $50 on the numbers 13 through 18. The remaining $10 is bet on the number zero or the casino player can split it between the zero and double zero if they are playing the American version of Roulette. There is a definitive set of outcome possibilities with this strategy and they are as follows. The casino player will profit a total of $80 if a number between 19 to 36 comes out. If one of the numbers between 13 to 18 happens to come out, then the casino player will come away with $100. If zero or double zero hits, then the casino player will receive a notable profit. If the number 1 through 12 happens to come up, then the casino player will lose.

Casino players have noted that they can accumulate quick amounts of money when they use the James Bond strategy but after a certain amount of time, it is suggested that one cease with this strategy. The casino player then should only utilize this strategy when they have enough money in their respective balance so that they can withstand the potentials of losing both in the short and long term. The James Bond strategy, like the Martingale and others is designed for quick winning and for the casino player that plans to play Roulette for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, the strategy does not lend itself to being utilzed for long lengths of time because the odds are stacked against the casino player. Casino enthusiasts have recommended that the casino player combine a variety of systems when they play Roulette and becasue of this, the James Bond strategy comes highly suggested. Casino players may not have the chance to sip a Martini while they are playing, but winning possibilities abound when the James Bond strategy is used and used properly. Additionally, it can help the casino accumulate a significant amount of cash in a relatively short amount of time - that is if they have $200 to spare. It is often a preferred strategy by high rollers because they have $200 to spare. Low rollers tend to gravitate toward other strategies when playing Roulette.