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7 Strategies For Playing Blackjack Better

June 23, 2014

Casino players are frequently looking for tips and strategies, especially when playing online games. Blackjack is considered one of the more popular online casino games, other than slots. Since Blackjack is quite popular, it becomes all the more important for casino players to find new tips and tricks, as well as refresh their memories on ones that are tried and tested. The following are some tips that every casino player should know when playing online.

1. Splitting - most casino players tend to split in the game of Blackjack. As such, there are some concepts to remember when doing this including never splitting 10s, and to always split 8s. By splitting 8s, the casino player stands a considerable chance of having a winning hand and in essence, more money. 8s can help the casino player in a great way and this is why most, if not all recommendations are to split them. In addition to this, it is suggested that casino players never split 5s, but rather to double down instead. Of course, every casino player has their own strategy, so it depends upon the hand that has been dealt.

2. House Edge Elimination - one of the key ways to minimize the edge of the hosue is through using soft hands in an effective manner. Since most casino players double down on soft hands, this not only eliminates the edge that the house has. It is suggested to always draw until a soft 17 is reached.

3. Refrain From Betting More - betting more does not provide additional room to win. It is unlikely that the outcome of the game will chance, therefore, casino players should only bet what they have initially and what they feel comfortable with doing.

4. Values - if the casino player happens to be dealt two cards of a similar value, it is suggested that they should be split. This is different from the splitting strategy in that the casino player can have more chances to win and win big in doing this on each and every hand that has similar value cards.

5. Table Minimums - casino players should look for tables, even online, that require no more than 5% of the overall bankroll that the casino player has decided that they will bet. Selecting a table should be considered on the basis of different rules that that casino game has or if the casino player is thinking about playing a Blackjack variation.

6. No insurance - unless the casino player happens to be counting cards, then taking insurance is not a good option. The house typically has a 6% advantage over the casino player. Even if the casino player happens to obtain 21 (Blackjack), they will only win the original bet that they placed.

7. No Myths - there are a variety of gambling myths that tend to float around casino players and these should be discounted as much as possible. If the casino player happens to buy into these myths, this can cause a noticeable dent in their playing possibilities as well as winning chances. It is important to stick with proven strategies than false tips in online gambling.