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Match Play 21Match Play 21

Casino players everywhere know about the variations of the game Blackjack. The traditional card game asks the casino player to face values on playing cards to obtain 21 or close to 21 (Blackjack) without exceeding that particular number. Casino players are pitted against the casino dealer who is in essence working for the casino also called house and not against another casino player. The game of Blackjack is one of the most popular table games at the casino and because of this, a variety of different variants have risen over the years.

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How to Play Match Play 21

There a many ways to play the game. Some payout amounts differ for the different variations. Some of the variations differ dramatically in rules when examined against traditional Blackjack. One game that is built around the traditional rules is Match Play 21. This particular Blackjack variant provides many rewards for combinations of different cards. While most of the rules are the same as regular 21 (Blackjack), Match Play 21 is played with two decks where all of the “10s” have been removed. By removing the “10s” is makes it complex to hit Blackjack, but it also increases the casino player’s chances of getting 7’s and that is how the payouts are established.

The rules of the traditional game of Blackjack discuss hitting, standing, doubling down, surrendering and spliting, but Match Play 21 dictates that the casino dealer must stand at a hard 17, which means that if the initial hand the casino dealer has is made up of a 7 as well as a face card such as a Jack, Queen or King, then the casino dealer cannot take any additional cards. Other rules are that the casino dealer must stand on a soft 18. This means that once a casino dealer reaches a total of 18 through their initial hand and any hits, they in turn cannot take any additional cards.

In Match Play 21, surrendering can occur at any time, which is unusual in most casinos both online and off today, where surrendering is very limited. Splitting is allowed on no more than 3 hands and no Blackjack rewards are won from a split hand. The double down in Match Play 21 is available only 1 time per hand. The casino player is permitted to hit after they have split and the casino player can split aces if they choose. The triple 7 reward is not paid until after a double down or split.

In Match Play 21, the payouts are substantial, however, the likelihood of hitting many of these combinations is not likely. It is important for the casino player to have both attentive play and good strategy. These two strategies are winners for obtaining decent wins in Match Play 21 and keeping the game exciting and stimulating for yourself. Most, if not all online casinos offer Match Play 21 as a Blackjack variation and often the casino player can experience the game for free before spending any money to see if it is a game they’d enjoy!

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