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Blackjack Strategy Charts

Blackjack strategy charts are known to be the most popular and effective way to learn basic strategy. The chart also contains rules and variations which can be used in any online blackjack game, as well as some land-based casinos.Following the actions that are displayed on the chart permits you to play blackjack with a mathematically proven system which gives you an advantage and more the favorable odds.

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Advanced Blackjack Strategy

Given that there’s a “basic strategy” associated with blackjack, it makes sense to have an advanced blackjack strategy. This term is used to describe techniques that go beyond, and in some cases even go against, the tenets of the basic strategy.

It includes methods such as:

  • Thinking critically about your hand composition, e.g. standing if your hand is 4/4/4/4, even when the count says it might be safe to hit.
  • Taking insurance when the count is +4 or higher.
  • Splitting 10s when faced with the dealer upcard of 5 or 6.
  • Standing if your hand has a value of 16 though contains a 4 or a 5, even when the dealer’s upcard is high.

Progressive betting systems fall under advanced blackjack strategy. These include the negative progressive betting systems, which see gamblers raise their bets after a loss and lower them after a win, i.e. the D’Alembert or Martingale systems.

It also includes positive progressive systems like the Paroli or Reverse D’Alembert, where gamblers raise their bets after a win and lower them after a loss.


The Basic Strategy Charts

  • Dealer’s up-card is revealed along the top of the chart.
  • Always hit hands less than 9 unless indicated.
  • The Player’s hand is shown sheer on the left side of the chart.
  • Always stand on A,9, or even higher. Always treat 5,5 as a 10.
  • If soft repetition is not allowed stand on A,7 Vs 2 – 8.

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