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Blackjack Strategy Trainers USA

Blackjack strategy trainers are platforms designed for beginners to help them learn how to apply some of the basic blackjack strategies in a game of online blackjack. The platform is easy to use and has proven itself to be an effective method for learning strategy in blackjack.

Blackjack in its most basic form is not that hard to learn. At the start of the game, both players and the blackjack dealer are handed 2 cards. With this initial hand you’ve been dealt, you have the option to stand (hold what you have and let the game continue); hit (take another card); double (double your bet amount and take another card) or split (divide your cards into two separate hands). You have to choose the option that promises the best hand depending on the cards you have. You win blackjack if you get a total card value of 21 with the initial two card hand you were dealt. You hit 21 if you achieve this with more than two cards.

The trickier part is learning how to actually win something, and in most cases, this is achieved with the help of blackjack strategy. This is where blackjack trainers come in, they are designed to teach you how to incorporate blackjack strategy into your play to maximize your chances of securing the best hand. After learning about the blackjack trainer and using it you can sign up at the best USA online casino to play.

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How to Use Blackjack Strategy Trainers

Before we take you through the steps, its important to remember that blackjack strategy trainers are exactly that- trainers. You are not playing for real money when using it. This means that any money you might win while playing using a strategy trainer is virtual money and you will not be able to withdraw your winnings when your session is over.

1. Select Your Level of Difficulty

One of the nice features about a strategy trainer is that it allows you to choose your own level of difficulty. If you are new to the game, you may begin with easy mode. If you are a more intermediate blackjack online player the normal or medium mode might be for you, while advanced players are likely to choose the expert or hard mode. These levels are also interchangeable. Medium level players can play the expert mode when they feel like a challenge, but revert back to normalcy when they’ve had enough.

2. Make Your Bet

After you’ve chosen your preferred level, you’ll be given an amount of money to use as start-up capital. This is virtual money and is offered to you by the casino. Blackjack strategy trainers offer table minimums as low as $1 and can range to as high as $100. Because its essentially free money, how much you lose isn’t important. The main aim is that you learn.

3. Click the Deal Button

Once you’ve done all the above you’ll be ready to play. All you have to do at this point is click the play or deal button for the cards to be dealt. The dealer programmed in the trainer will then hand you your cards, and keep his own. All your cards will be dealt face up, but only one of the dealer’s cards will be dealt face up.

Strategy Trainers Online USA

4. Make Your Move

You’ll now have to choose which move to make. The options given are usually the same as the ones given in the real-life version of the game. This includes the option to split, hit, stand or double.

5. Consider the Dealers Comment

After all this, the dealer will comment on your decision, advising you for future play. Its important that you pay mind to what the dealer says, it’s the only way to learn, and also one of the key functions of a blackjack strategy trainer.

6. Proceed to the Next Round

Once you’ve read the dealers comment and processed all that was said, you simply click anywhere on the screen to make the comment disappear and move on to the next round.

Customizable Features

Strategy trainers can be customised according to your level of understanding of the game. The level of difficulty includes normal and expert. The normal setting allows players more time to think about their moves and what to do next. Expert mode is a bit more demanding, great for those who are looking for a challenge and a way to test their knowledge of the game. But, over and above the three standard modes, you can also choose to play blackjack using splits only, soft hands only, or you can choose to play in random mode which will shuffle between the various modes for you.

Strategy Trainers USA

Tips to Remember

Strategy Trainer Overview

The great thing about a blackjack strategy trainer is that it allows you to practice blackjack using the strategy trainer in your own time and free of charge. You also don’t have to worry about being thrown into the deep end knowing that you lack practice in the game. However, when you’ve exercised long enough using the strategy trainer, feel free to visit one of the top casino sites we have listed above and start testing your new-found knowledge of the game.

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