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How Do You Play Blackjack Online?

There are hundreds of webpages and books explaining how to play blackjack online. But not everything you read will be helpful. So, we had our expert create a step-by-step guide detailing how to blackjack. The best part is that this guide is from a player’s perspective.

Whether you are playing at an online or live dealer casino, these rules will stay the same. All you have to do is understand the basic rules and strategy. The more games you play, the better you will become.

play blackjack online

Play Blackjack Online: Blackjack Rules

In only five steps, you will know how to play blackjack. All you have to do is follow the rules, and you will be ready to start playing.

  1. Make a bet.
  2. The dealer will give you two cards and deal two to himself too. In most variations, one of his cards will be face up and the other face down.
  3. Decide if you want to surrender, hit, stand, or split.
  4. The dealer will act last. He will have to stand in a hand of 17 or more and hit on a hand of 16 or less.
  5. You win if your hand score is better than the dealers.

A part of learning how to play blackjack is remembering the aim is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. All cards keep their face value apart from the picture cards. The king, queen, and jack count as 10. The ace counts as  either 1 or 11.

Blackjack Online with Friends

We know how fun blackjack can be, and playing with friends is even more fun. There are several blackjack apps, games, and websites that let you play with your friends.

For instance, if you want to play free blackjack games with friends, there are apps you can download on your mobile. These apps are compatible with Android and iOS  devices. You can create private tables for you and your friends and invite them to join with a code.

If you want to play for real money, we suggest that you and your friends play live dealer blackjack games. All of you will have to join the same table to play against one another. This a great way to claim your bragging rights and make money.

Real Money Blackjack Online

The best part of playing blackjack is that the game has several variations that you can enjoy. You can play all these games online for real money. You will have to read the modified rules for each game before making real money bets.

Also, learn the strategies for each variation to improve your odds. Here are some of the best blackjack games that we have played:

Play 21 Online

Now that you have a rough idea of how blackjack works, you can register an account at a top casino. We have reviewed several US casinos online to ensure that you play at only the best casinos online.

You will enjoy the best blackjack bonuses and have the opportunity to play in tournaments with several other blackjack players.


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