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Las Vegas Casino Resorts Employees to Vote on Strike Action

May 10, 2018
50000 las vegas workers will vote on strike action

Contracts for 50 000 casino workers in Las Vegas will expire in June. All the workers are part of the Culinary Union, and they have decided to vote on whether there must be strike action with regards to their contracts. On May 22 is the day that they will make their votes. There will be two shifts in the voting. The first one being held at 10 in the morning and the other at six in the afternoon.

The workers who are part of the Culinary Union include bellmen, bartenders, cooks, kitchen workers, porters, guest room attendants, cocktails and food servers. All the employees work at the 34 Las Vegas casino resorts. Should the strike take place, the strike will take place any time after 31 May which is when the contracts expire. This will cripple the Las Vegas Casino resorts and the hospitality industry in the city.

Why Vote on the Strike?

The decision to vote on the strike may be because there have been negotiations happening about the new contracts since February. Until now no decision has been made on the way forward.

According to Geoconda Arguello-Kline, the Culinary Union secretary-treasurer, the strike vote aims to show Las Vegas employers that workers’ security is not something they are willing to compromise.

In the negations that are still in progress, the union wants to protect the existing benefits, prevent layoffs and the increase in wages. The layoffs are due to the adaptation of technology that the casino resorts have taken on.

Worker Suggestions

The union also wants an introduction to the way of addressing the sexual harassment cases that have been surfacing.

A panic button is suggested by the workers. The button will be given to the housekeepers at the Las Vegas casino resorts for the use of notifying managers that they are in danger.

Caesars and MGM said that they would discuss this matter further with the union representative to provide workers with the panic buttons. Both gaming operators have said that they would reach settlements before the contracts expire.